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Find the Best Harley-Davidson® Riding Lessons Connecticut

Posted By: Mike’s Famous® Harley-Davidson®
Post Date: 02/10/2022

As one of the oldest motorcycle companies in the U.S., Harley-Davidson® is a classic brand American riders trust. Every American knows that Harleys® are durable, classy, and incredibly dependable. And with its rich history and branding, it's no surprise that so many people want to learn how to ride a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle every year.

The Best Harley-Davidson® Riding Lessons in Connecticut

As Connecticut’s number one Harley-Davidson® dealership, we want to help everyone experience the freedom and excitement of the open road. That means that whether you are ready for your 1st ride or your 100th ride, we want to make riding your dream Harley® as accessible as possible. 

This is why we offer the best riding lessons in Connecticut! We’re fully committed to building a community of motorcycle enthusiasts in Connecticut and across the border in Rhode Island. This has led to Mike's Famous® riding academy!

 riding lessons connecticut

Those who take our courses appreciate that commitment and our dedication to individualized instruction and feedback. Find out more about what makes our riding academy the number one place for Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riding lessons in CT!

What is Mike's Famous® Riding Academy?

Mike's Famous® Riding Academy is an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) approved course. We use much of the same curriculum as well as certified Harley-Davidson® instruction. The course is structured to provide you with all the knowledge you’ll need to learn to ride a bike. 

First, you’ll complete an online e-course and an orientation at our dealership. Then, you’ll receive two days of training on the range at Mike’s Famous®. The motorcycle classes meet the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for obtaining an M endorsement. Our course is approved in Rhode Island as well.
Our courses also include a free orientation, Jumpstart™ training, safety gear evaluation, motorcycle fitting, sales Q+A, and more.

What is the cost for Mike’s Famous® Riding Lessons in CT?

Our Basic Rider lessons are offered at a rate of $349. This rate includes a pre-class orientation, an MSF issued course workbook and a link to the MSF 3 hour self-paced online class. 
If your class is on a weekend, you will also attend one 4 hour evening class and an additional 2 days of riding, training and testing. After you complete training at Mike’s Famous®, we offer help by guiding you through registering with the DMV to get the appropriate permits and conduct a post-class follow-up.

Requirements for Mike’s Famous® Riding Lessons, CT:

The requirements are:

  • Complete an MSF Online E-Course prior to class and bring your certificate of completion to the first day of class. A link will be provided to you once enrolled.
  • Complete an in dealer classroom session.
  • Pass a multiple choice test at the dealership.
  • Complete rider training at the dealership.
  • Pass a skills evaluation on the provided Harley-Davidson® Street® 500 motorcycle, designed specifically for the H-D® Riding Academy program.
  • You must obtain and wear proper safety gear as required by the state.
  • Please note:
  • A prerequisite for the NRC is that you are able to ride and balance a bicycle.
  • Please schedule your DMV appointment at least one week after your graduation date to allow for processing. 
  • Class/Range times are subject to change due to unforeseen situations.
  • You must be on time and complete the entire NRC in order to pass.

So, are you ready to learn how to ride a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? Get more information and sign up for our riding academy at https://www.mikesfamous.com/Learn-To-Ride/Riding-Academy today! You definitely won’t regret it!


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