Thanks for choosing Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson Riding Academy in your pursuit of excellence as it relates to riding a motorcycle. Whether you are new to the sport, have some experience riding or are an experienced rider seeking your endorsement, we are ready to meet your needs!
To receive a motorcycle endorsement from the State of Connecticut* you must successfully complete all of the requirements of the State of CT, Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course (NRC).
The requirements are:
  1. Complete an MSF Online E-Course prior to class and bring your certificate of completion to the first day of class. A link will be provided to you once enrolled.
  2. Complete an in dealer classroom session.
  3. Pass a multiple choice test at the dealership.
  4. Complete rider training at the dealership.
  5. Pass a skills evaluation on the provided Harley-Davidson Street® 500 motorcycle, designed specifically for the H-D® Riding Academy program.
  6. You must obtain and wear proper safety gear as required by the state.
Please note:
  1. A prerequisite for the NRC is that you are able to ride and balance a bicycle.
  2. Please schedule your DMV appointment at least one week after your graduation date to allow for processing. 
  3. Class/Range times are subject to change due to unforeseen situations.
  4. You must be on time and complete the entire NRC in order to pass.
  • Successful completion of this course fulfills all requirements for the State of Connecticut to earn your motorcycle endorsement.
  • Mike's Famous H-D offers students a one on one review of riding gear!
  • You will receive a Jumpstart Experience, dealership tour and gear review!
*If you are late or miss a classroom or range session, it will result in the forfeit of your course and fees. See dealer for details.

Q: How much does this course cost?
A: Our Basic Rider course is $349.00*. This includes an orientation, an MSF issued course workbook, a link to the MSF 3 hour self-paced online class and more. See dealer for details.  

*Failure to show up for class, reschedule your course or cancel within our policy timeframe may result in the forfiet of your class and additional fees. See dealer for details. 

Q: Do I need to supply anything for the training?
A: YES - Students are required to obtain all riding gear in advance of their class. All Mike's Famous H-D students can enjoy up to 20% off safety gear in our Motorclothes® Department. Items you will need to have are:

  • Valid Driver’s License  (MFHD does not require a motorcylce permit for its course)
  • Riding Gear required for the range. It is a good idea to dress in layers for comfort and bring rain gear appropriate for riding.
  • DOT approved helmet
  • Eye protection, including non-tinted face shields, sunglasses, goggles, or glasses
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants, preferably jeans or leather (no holes)
  • Over-the-ankle boots or over-the-ankle shoes (NO SNEAKERS OR CANVAS SHOES)
  • Full-fingered gloves (no half-fingered gloves)
  • Bring your Certificate of Completion for the MSF Online E-Course 

 If you do not have appropriate, well-fitting gear at the start of the first range day, you may not be allowed to complete the class. By signing up for the course you are agreeing to attend class on time, properly geared, and ready to ride. We suggest bringing your own snacks & beverages on your riding days. Please arrive well hydrated and rested.

Q: Can I take the course in CT if I live in another state?
A: MFHD endorsements are accepted in CT and RI. If you are not a resident of CT or RI, please contact your state’s DMV for requirements and accurate data as some states are reciprocal.

Q: Do I have to know how to ride a motorcycle to take the course?
A: No - Our trained instructors will guide you through the entire process. MFHD Riding Academy courses come with a pre-class orientation which includes a ride on our bike simulator, Jumpstart™ - This is an innovative demo tool that puts you in the saddle of a running Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, and lets you experience the “thrill of the throttle,” that comes with riding a genuine Harley-Davidson®. The bike is locked in place and will not move or tip over, it's 100% safe. The back tire is on a roller and allows you to start the bike and run through the gears up to 65 miles per hour. It's fun and exciting to hear the rumble and roar of a Harley® and this is just the beginning! You will be introduced to the bike, all its controls, and the thrill of the ride to come.

Q: Why must I know how to ride a bicycle to qualify for course enrollment?
A: Riding a motorcycle requires a sense of balance and coordination. Students who can ride a bicycle have demonstrated the minimum ability necessary to balance and coordinate a motorcycle.

Q: How do I get the endorsement on my operator’s license after successful completion of the course?
A: Upon successful completion of the class, we will submit your information to the DMV. If you live outside of CT or RI you may need to go to your state’s DMV and take the written portion of the exam and pay the license fee(s) for your state. Some states will require a letter for proof of completion of the class. Please contact your state’s DMV for requirements and accurate data. These are the DMV branches in CT that offer motorcycle testing: Bridgeport, Danbury, Hamden, Norwalk, Old Saybrook, Waterbury, Wethersfield and Willimantic.

Q: My schedule can be unpredictable. Can I miss a class or range session?
A: No. Class time and range sessions are tightly scheduled. If a class or range session is missed, you will need to re-register for another class that works better with your schedule. Additional fees may apply, see dealer for details.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for passing the course?
A: To successfully complete the class, each rider must complete the online e-course, classroom and range sessions and pass a riding skill test and a written knowledge test.

Q: If I don’t complete the course, can I take it again?
A: Yes. Student riders, at the discretion of the rider/coach and/or the program administrator, may be allowed to take the Riding Academy New Rider Course a second time for a lowered re-registration fee (Must reschedule within 3 months of original class).

Q: I don’t own a motorcycle. Does Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson® provide one for me to use?
A: Yes. Every student is assigned a Harley-Davidson® Street 500™ motorcycle to use for the duration of the course.

Q: How do I pay for the course?
A: You may pay for the course fee via credit card, online or in store.or H-D® gift card at the time of enrollment. We also accept cash at the dealership. No personal checks. Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment. We cannot hold seats or take deposits. 

Q: How does the Riding Academy course compare to a regular Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course?
A: While state programs are good for some and will meet the guidelines of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation there is a difference. Harely-Davidson® Riding Academy meets all state and MSF criteria. However, this is a more personal, detailed and robust experience. From start to finish, students receive a VIP experience. Our courses also include a free orientation, a one of a kind Jumpstart™ training, safety gear evaluation, motorcycle fitting, sales Q+A, and more. When the class is over, we're still here for you! We offer a post class follow up which includes "next step" feedback, information and much more. As now part of the Mike's Famous® Family, you'll be introduced to the sport while being informed of all the major bike runs and activities that will help you practice and exercise your new riding skills. Furthermore, Mike's Famous® is located in a historic 1939 rustic Coca-Cola® factory building with a private classroom, large on-site riding range, comfortable lounge, clean well-designed bathrooms (seriously, they’re beautiful), complimentary coffee, tea, water and more! We could go on but we'd just be bragging.

Q: If it rains, will the class be canceled?
A: Classes happen rain or shine. If rain is in the forecast, please be sure to bring appropriate rain gear.



Our courses at Mike's Famous® consist of a 2 or 3 day course. These courses help the beginner, the seasoned rider, the rider who would like to refresh skills or those who wish to learn on a trike. The course consists of class time and actual riding time in our beautiful classroom and on our expansive outdoor training range. Students will ride and train on an H-D® Street™ 500 motorcycle. Classes are taught by fully trained Harley-Davidson® and MSF certified instructors in historic New London, CT.