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Looking for a Used Harley-Davidson® for Sale in CT?

Posted By: Mike’s Famous® Harley-Davidson®
Post Date: 09/03/2021

Here at Mike’s Famous®, we have plenty of great new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. But for newer riders--or anyone just trying to save a few bucks--buying pre-owned can be a great option. That’s why we put together this guide to finding a used Harley-Davidson® for sale in CT.

Here’s the bottom line: when buying a used motorcycle, it’s important to be careful. Many of the used motorcycles you find online will be for sale by owner. When buying from a private seller, it’s important to pay attention to all the details to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Finding a used Harley-Davidson® for sale in CT can help you save money--but only if it’s a dependable bike. 

used harley davidson for sale in ct

If you’re looking to find a trustworthy Harley-Davidson® for sale, we can help. We put together this guide to finding a reliable pre-owned Harley-Davidson®. If you’re interested in learning more, stop by our dealership and learn more from our experienced customer representatives. 

Finding a Dependable Used Harley-Davidson® for Sale in CT

Since the pandemic hit, many riders have started buying used bikes online. After all, online shopping has grown incredibly popular over the past year. When you find a used Harley-Davidson® for sale in CT online, the price will often be appealing. 
But we always remind riders to think of motorcycles as investments, and that’s why it’s always best to buy from someone you trust. We recommend buying from Harley Davidson dealers in CT. Dealers like Mike’s Famous® always take the time to inspect their used inventory thoroughly--and we would never sell you a product we don’t trust to go the distance!

Inspecting a Used Motorcycle

When you’re buying a used Harley-Davidson® for sale in CT, it’s important to inspect the bike carefully to make sure it’s in good shape. If you’re buying from a private seller, this is especially important. Ask questions about the age of the bike, how often and how far it’s been ridden, and other basic information. You should also take a close look at the bike’s exhaust, engine, appearance, and brakes to ensure everything is in order. Here in the northeast, bikes can go through a lot, so you’ll want to make sure any used vehicle you buy isn’t too worn out. 

Before we list a used Harley-Davidson® for sale in CT, we check out all of these elements and more. We can answer all of your questions, and you can count on our pre-owned inventory!

Exhaust, Engine, and Brakes

When you’re buying a used bike, test everything. For example, it’s important to make sure the exhaust is mounted correctly and securely and the brakes are working properly. 

You should also take a look at the bike’s frame and look for corrosion and rust, both of which should raise red flags. Suspension forks are worthy of a close look too, especially given how important these are for your comfort. 
To get a better sense of the bike’s inner workings, you should also ask about the service history of any used Harley-Davidson® for sale in CT. As we all know, oil changes are one of the most important elements of vehicle maintenance, so if you see black oil, that’s a red flag. 

Wear and Tear

Some riders don’t mind when a pre-owned vehicle has a bit of wear and tear, and that’s ok. But some cosmetic issues are worth a second look. For example, take a look in all the bike’s hard-to-reach spots to ensure the previous owner kept the entire bike clean. You should also keep an eye out for dings and scratches, and examine the tire tread. All of these aspects are good indicators of how the previous owner treated the bike. 

Trust Mike’s Famous® 

In the past, we’ve all complained, “I can’t find a quality pre-owned Harley-Davidson® for sale near me!”
Since Mike’s Famous® opened, all that’s changed. We have the best pre-owned Harley-Davidson® inventory in Connecticut, and we’re here to help. Stop by today to learn more and find a dependable pre-owned Harley®!


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