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How to Get Financing for a Harley-Davidson®

Posted By: Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson
Post Date: 05/20/2022

You dream of owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and experiencing the freedom of the open road. But, you don't have enough cash to buy the motorcycle you want. With financing packages from Mike's Famous®, you're sure to get the motorcycle of your dreams from a reputed Harley Davidson dealer in Rhode Island, Long Island, and Connecticut.

That's where we come in! If you've decided you want to finance your new Harley-Davidson®, you're not alone. 70% of motorcycle enthusiasts do!

We make it easy for you to apply for financing, find out if we offer loans for your specific model, and learn about all the requirements and procedures for getting an iconic Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Apply now for financing and hit the open road!

Harley-Davidson® Financial Services

Harley-Davidson® Financial Services (HDFS) offers a complete line of financing options and insurance products and services that are designed to help you buy (and keep!) your motorcycle. This includes motorcycle financing solutions for new, used, and private party purchases, loan account management, insurance, and more!

HDFS can provide a loan that is right for you whether you're purchasing or leasing a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. All you need to do is visit your local Harley-Davidson® Connecticut dealer and let us help you out.

Harley-Davidson® for sale in Rhode Island

Here are some tips to help you with financing your Harley-Davidson®:

Get Your Credit Back on Track

The motorcycle loans are designed for customers who face credit challenges, including past due payments, bankruptcy, or repossession. If you're looking for a way to boost your credit score and improve your current repayment history, we can help.

The first step in getting financed for a Harley-Davidson® is to improve your credit score. Improving your credit score can be done by paying down existing debt, making timely payments, and keeping balances low on all accounts. You can also ask other people who have good credit scores or have cosigned on loans with you (such as family members) to add references on their credit reports so that lenders will consider them as well.

Pay off any debt

The more debt you have, the less likely it is that lenders will approve your loan request. If possible, pay off any high-interest credit cards or other loans so that you can show lenders that you are responsible with money and can handle payments on time. The best time to do this is before you try to buy a bike at Harley® Dealers in RI.

However, even if you have bad credit history, this should not deter you from trying to finance your Harley®. 

Many factors are used to determine creditworthiness. It is always advisable to follow-up with your dealership when you are seeking financing solutions. Your credit situation is unique and a dealer can help determine what options you may have in order to help get you on the road. 

Get the Right Plan

When it comes to financing, Harley-Davidson® offers flexible plans that are tailored to fit your needs. They also offer insurance products and services to meet your needs. 

Visit Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson® Today

You found your ideal bike at Harley-Davidson® for sale in Rhode Island, and we want you to have it! Financing is available to help you find the motorcycle of your dreams. Our financing department is specialized in working with customers on getting them financed. We specialize in loans with no credit and offer low monthly payments in a variety of models.

Beyond financing, Mike's Famous Harley dealer offers special sales plans and other incentives to help you afford the Harley-Davidson® of your dreams. We offer secure financing to anyone in the continental United States. We work directly with banks in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts area. Get in touch with us today to learn more!


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