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Looking for the Harley-Davidson Danbury, CT Riders Love?

Posted By: Debbie Schwartz
Post Date: 08/27/2021

One of the oldest motorcycle companies in the U.S., Harley-Davidson is a classic brand American riders trust. From beginners to experienced riders, Americans know that Harleys are durable, classy, and incredibly dependable. If you’re looking for a Harley-Davidson Danbury, CT riders can count on, we’ve got you covered right here at Mike’s Famous. 

Harley-Davidson has remained an American favorite since they were founded in Milwaukee in 1903. One of only two American motorcycle manufacturers that made it through the Great Depression, Harley is now one of the largest producers in the world. Harley-Davidson is about more than motorcycles: it’s a ubiquitous brand worldwide. You can find Harley-Davidson toys, clothing, museums, and sponsored clubs everywhere!

harley davidson danbury ct

So many people look for a Harley-Davidson Danbury, CT riders can count on because they’re an American company. If you’re a patriotic motorcycle enthusiast, this is the brand for you. Harley-Davidson has factories in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and they provide motorcycles to police departments around the U.S. They’ve even supplied bikes to the military in the past. 
As the dealership for Harley-Davidson Danbury, CT riders trust, we’re here for all your motorcycle needs. Check out our Harley overview today and stop by for a test drive anytime!

Harley-Davidson Basics

For decades, the two-cylinder twin engine has defined Harley-Davidson. The two cylinders are separated by a 45-degree angle, giving the engine substantial torque and power. This unique engine design produces the Harley-Davidson sound that you’ll recognize in neighborhoods across America. In the early 1990s, Harley even tried to trademark this sound!

Touring models consistently rank among the most popular Harleys. Harley touring models tend to offer plenty of storage space, and sometimes even have room for an additional passenger. All Harley touring models feature the classic design of a Harley-Davidson Danbury, CT riders love. 

As experienced Harley-Davidson dealers in CT, we have trouble selecting our favorite bikes. For riders looking for a two-seater, the Electra Glide Ultra Classic is perfect. We’re also fans of the Road glide Special, Road Glide Limited, and Ultra Limited, all of which have a similar design for a lower cost. 
While touring bikes tend to be front and center at any Harley Davidson store, Harley also makes street and cruiser bikes that have grown increasingly popular. These models tend to be lighter and sportier, but they still maintain the classic design and power of a Harley motorcycle. Here at Mike’s Famous, we’re big fans of the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and the Softail line, both of which are perfect for experienced and new riders alike. 

Here’s the bottom line: Harley-Davidson has a diverse array of street and touring bike offerings for all riders. When you check out our selection at Mike’s Famous, we know you’ll find a bike you’ll love!

Trust us for a Harley-Davidson Danbury, CT Will Love

Connecticut has no shortage of motorcycle dealers, but you can count on us for the Harley-Davidson motorcycles Danbury, CT loves. Our team of customer representatives is here to help you throughout the buying process, from choosing the right bike to financing options and service packages. 

When you’re buying a new motorcycle, finding a dealer you trust couldn’t be more important. Before the summer ends, stop by today for a test drive and find a new Harley-Davidson you’ll love!


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